Step 1

Market Analysis

Analysis of market share of in-use vehicles according to engine/fuel type (gasoline, diesel, gas etc.) and emission standard. Analysis of REC technologies currently in use. Analysis of available retrofit technologies (REC) for the reduction of NOx emissions for diesel powered vehicles (passenger cars and light commercial vehicles). Analysis of available retrofit technologies for the reduction of particulate emissions for gasoline powered vehicles (passenger cars).

Step 2


Purchasing of used passenger cars and light commercial vehicles.

Detailed testing on the chassis dyno and on road with PEMS
•     Before fitting retrofit system
•     With retrofit systems

Tests to be carried out:
•     Driving cycles, RDE and RDE non-compliant tests on the road
•     Focus on inner city driving
•     Various different driving and ambient conditions

Evaluation of tests

Evaluation of the tests will report on:

•     NOx (diesel) / particle (gasoline) emissions reduction.
•     Consequences for CO2, non-regulated.
•     Cost, weight, packaging, ease of installation.

Step 3

Retrofit type approval

•     Based on existing national retrofit type approval schemes and available data from testing, a European
retrofit type approval scheme will be proposed
•     Experience and input is required from
       o    Authorities
       o    Vehicle manufacturers
       o   Suppliers
       o   Retrofit system suppliers

Incentive schemes and link to UVAR (e.g. access to city center)